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HR Groep

Our team comprises passionate and motivated Apprenticeship Coaches, an HR consultant and an advisor who are committed to assisting you in finding a suitable training or job. If you have any questions or are interested in meeting us, please feel free to contact us. 


Allow us to introduce ourselves:


I’m Sjouke van der Es, one of the Apprenticeship Coaches at HR Werkt. I value personal contact and attention. I strive to provide appropriate guidance to everyone that works at HR Werkt. With my drive and spontaneous nature, I make sure that everyone feels heard, trusted, and appreciated at HR Werkt.

I’m currently residing in Bonaire with my wonderful family of four children, a loving husband, and our adorable labradoodle, Soof. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring new recipes and traveling.


Hi! My name is Anna Reitsma, and I am an Apprenticeship Coach at HR Werkt.

I find HR Werkt to be an exciting challenge, as I enjoy working with new people and collaborating to achieve great goals. A little bit about me: I currently reside in Groningen, and I have a passion for indoor football and traveling. 

I strive to find enjoyment in everything I do in my daily life. Social, assertive, helpful, and disciplined are all words that describe me well.


My name is Tine Margriet Reitsma-Bosma, and I am currently residing in Surhuisterveen. During the summer months, I stay at a campsite with my partner Tjibbe Reitsma. Together, we have three daughters and one granddaughter.

My hobbies include traveling, sailing with our sloop, walking with my dog or granddaughter, and cycling. As an HR staff member, my goal is to work collaboratively with my team to help individuals build a better future for themselves.

As part of my role, I am responsible for processing hours and overseeing team members. I am motivated by the opportunity to help people create a better future for themselves. When it comes to describing my own character traits, I find it challenging, but I would say that I am driven, helpful, honest, trustworthy, and always willing to prioritize the needs of others over my own.


My name is Judith Brekelmans and I am an HR consultant & coach at HR-Werkt.

I have been working and living on the Caribbean islands for 14 years, first on Cura├žao and for the past ten years on Bonaire. People and work are always at the center of my focus, in the broadest sense of the word. I would describe myself as enthusiastic and driven, and the expression ‘what you see is what you get’ certainly applies to me as a person and to my way of working. Additionally, honesty and mutual respect are extremely important to me.


My name is Marcelino Mauricio and I am an advisor and coach at HR-Werkt.

I have been working and living on Bonaire for 14 years. For me, the individual is central and I approach them from a holistic perspective. Motivation, reflective ability, authenticity, and individual potential are incredibly important to me. My drive is to inspire and empower others.

I am always willing to be of service to others in need of help. Football is my passion, and as a trainer and coach, I use sports as a means to shape young people.

In June 2022, I received a royal distinction and was appointed as a Knight of Orange-Nassau as a sign of gratitude for everything I have contributed to.

I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and taking advantage of new opportunities. I dare to call myself driven, involved, persistent, pragmatic, and an out-of-the-box thinker. Additionally, sincerity, mutual respect, and clarity are important to me.