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HR Groep

“Practice is the best teacher”

The HR Group, umbrella organization for companies HR Piping, HR Prefab, HR Montage, HR Warber, HR Propulsion, HR International, and HR-Werkt, operates in the maritime, infrastructure, civil, and energy sectors. The group companies specialize in the development, production, assembly, and installation of complementary and reinforcing applications and services. HR-Werkt, unique within the group, trains (young) talent for the technical sector through recognized programs and traineeships. Collaboration with educational institutions results in well-rounded technicians. HR-Werkt offers job security, guidance, and opportunities for deployment within and outside the group.

Last month, Nick Poel (20) successfully completed his education as a team/department/project leader. At HR Piping, he was able to apply his theoretical knowledge in practice. Nick says, “Due to the gradual transition from education to work, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a milestone. However, I have noticed in my surroundings that having a good work-learning environment is not always guaranteed. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I see it as a good steppingstone for the rest of my career in the maritime sector.”

At HR-Werkt, multiple apprenticeship coaches are active who guide students or new employees during their onboarding process and beyond. One of the advantages of the various companies under the HR Group is that newcomers can explore different directions within the maritime sector. Nick: “I have been given a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into many different aspects of the maritime sector. In addition to the various projects I have seen, I have also experienced different roles. One period in the office, another period at various construction sites and ships. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at HR Piping to develop myself.”

At HR-Werkt, the apprenticeship coaches offer a comprehensive guidance program from start to finish. This is what sets HR Group apart from other companies that offer vocational training positions. Nick: “Even if you’re not in the right place, they can help you find a suitable work (learning) environment, whether internal or external.”

Evert Jan van der Es, CEO of HR Group, speaks with great enthusiasm about the concept of HR-Werkt: “It’s fantastic to have Nick working in our company after his training. A milestone? Well, we remain a down-to-earth, no-nonsense company.” “The youth is the future.” Although it is a commonly heard statement, its truth remains undeniable: indeed, the youth is the future. Evert Jan: “In our opinion, in this challenging job market, it is wise to focus on investing in emerging and motivated talent. However, it can also be daunting, as how do you guide someone and what kind of guidance do they need? That’s why we chose to train and designate several colleagues as mentors over the past year. Looking back and with an eye on the future, we can say that this step and choice were the right ones for us.”

Nick’s success provides additional confidence and motivation to make progress; to advertise HR-Werkt to inspire more apprentices and new employees to join HR Group. Evert Jan: “Nick has successfully completed his training, has learned a lot within the organization, but above all, he has given us a significant amount of eagerness, enthusiasm, and new insights in return. We have also had the opportunity to learn and benefit from this.”

But there is always room for improvement. Experience teaches us. Evert Jan also mentions: “I think, speaking on behalf of my colleagues as well, that throughout the process there are always learning moments. We certainly had them too. Our dedication and involvement were great, but there were occasions when Nick had questions that made us wonder, ‘Can we provide Nick with the right operational tools to fulfill his theoretical assignments?’ What we attempted, and in my opinion, successfully, is that we always kept communicating. Both with Nick and among ourselves. If we, as mentors, were unable to support a (complex) problem, we would seek a solution through our network. As a result, we were always able to provide Nick with complete information, practical knowledge, and execution. Alone, you (sometimes) go faster, but together, you go further. That has been one of our focal points throughout this process.”

During Nick’s journey, various shortcomings of the program were addressed. “What can be improved? We also learned, learned from mistakes in the beginning. It was quite nerve-wracking because as an organization, you also want to do it right and not have an apprentice sweeping the premises for a month. In the initial phase of the process, there was sometimes confusion because unfamiliarity often leads to uncertainty, and it wasn’t always clear who took on which tasks,” said Evert Jan.

In the future, one colleague will be designated as the main point of contact. “This structure has been the key, apart from the eagerness, curiosity, and ambition described above, to success,” says Evert Jan.

The guidance from HR Works doesn’t end with obtaining a diploma. It continues, albeit in a slightly different form. Nick wants to progress towards the role of project manager. “Which we truly see him doing in the future. To achieve this, it’s important to gain a lot of experience, both operationally and possibly supported by further studies. However, formally, his contract will be converted from an apprenticeship agreement to a full-fledged employment contract,” explains Evert Jan.

Nick is now at the beginning of his professional career. HR Works will continue to support and guide him in his journey. Additionally, as a pioneer, he will also become an ambassador and, as they call it at HR Works, a “buddy.” As an experienced individual, he is best suited to help BBL apprentices navigate within HR Group. Within HR Group, the following core values apply: ReliableCompetentEngagedAffordable, and Conscious. Evert Jan says, “We consider it incredibly important to translate these values into behavior. Every person is unique and values recognition, appreciation, trust, and responsibility. If you can provide that as an employer, you will see it reflected in the individual, the team, and the entire organization. Because teamwork makes the dream work! By the way, a small theoretical lesson: TEAM (in our view) stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!”