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What is your task?

As a foreman at HR Warber, your role involves working on various marine technical
installations, including piping systems, electrical installations, pumps, engines, and equipment,
for both large and small yacht building. With our flat organizational structure, you’ll have ample
freedom and opportunities for development. Our organization offers you the chance to participate in diverse projects and to advance your career within the company.

“Planning is crucial in your role as a field service foreman/forewoman, as you are the primary
liaison between project leaders and mechanics. By staying ahead of the project schedule and
maintaining open communication with colleagues, customers, and suppliers, you ensure that all
objectives are achieved.”

-Johan (Former field service foreman)

What are your qualifications?

Are you feeling excited about this opportunity? Or do you perhaps have any questions? If so,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Team HR-Werkt