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Our learning-work construction: a unique opportunity to gain work experience while learning.

Who are we?

We are an organization that offers young people and entry-level employees a unique opportunity for both training and employment within the technology sector (among others, maritime). HR- Werkt! Bonaire is part of the HR Group, which is based in the Netherlands and operates in the following sectors: maritime, civil, infrastructure, and energy.


HR Group has recently started operations on Bonaire, located in the Caribbean,one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, and at the gateway to South America. In addition to Europe, HR Group’s ambition is to offer its services and activities within the Caribbean and the (South) American region from Bonaire.

Which is why we are looking for you!

HR-Werkt! Bonaire seeks 2 young individuals interested in a paid work-and-learn program for the upcoming school year (September 2023). This venture offers you the unique opportunity to gain work experience while learning at the same time. Afterwards, you will return to Bonaire as a skilled technician and become part of the HR Group family. In other words, you are investmenting in your own future as well as that of the HR Group.

Are you looking for a promising future with both a funded education and a job within (maritime) technology? If so, we can help you out!

What do we offer?

HR-Werkt! offers you education, accommodation, employment and income. You will undertake a 1.5-year programme within the maritime engineering course in Sneek (Friesland, the Netherlands). The training will be funded by us. During this programme, you will be carefully supervised by a team of buddies and supervisors (including Papiamento-speaking people from the Caribbean islands) who will do their utmost to help you succeed. You will have a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and have a look behind the scenes.

You will be provided with accommodation, a car for e.g. transport to and from school and a proper and fitting income. You will also have the opportunity to return to Bonaire for a few weeks during this traineeship or have family come over.

Our requirements

–  You are at least 18 years old.

–  You have a Dutch passport.

–  You have knowledge on Dutch culture.

–  You have basic knowledge of the Dutch language (understanding/speaking).

–  You have no criminal record.

–  You have completed an MBO education (level 2, 3 or 4) in a (preferably) technical field.

–  You are independent, eager to learn and have good communication skills.

This is what you’ll be doing On Mondays, you will attend school, and for the rest of the week, you will work and receive a salary. You will receive training as an all-round (maritime) technician and learn to weld, fit and assemble pipe systems, and install engine rooms for large commercial vessels and exclusive yacht building.The unique aspect of this traineeship is that after completing the training, you will have a recognized MBO level 2, 3 or 4 qualification and a job waiting for you on the beautiful island of Bonaire.Our HR-Werkt! support team consists of enthusiastic and committed individuals who are fluent in Papiamentu and/or Dutch, have a good understanding of both Bonaire and the Netherlands culture, and are eager to provide you with social support.

Good to know We are starting with 2-3 carefully selected and enthusiastic trainees, and we are committed to making this program a success. We have the ambition to expand the number of trainees, but we are being cautious to ensure the project’s success. We believe that together, we can make an impact and make a difference.

Already excited?

Send us your cover letter at: Sjoukje van der Es 


Whatsapp: +31(0)614150350

Phone: +599 786 1573